Letra I'm so Hood (Remix) de DJ Khaled
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LETRA DJ Khaled We the best Who We We the best This the remix The I’m so hood remix I’m making movies [T-Pain:] I’m so Hood Remix Yeah, I where my pants below my waist (we always gonna be the best) And I never dance when I’m in this place Because you and your man is planning to hate I’m so hood ( I run this man) And I got these gold up in my mouth If you get closer to my house Then you’ll know what I’m talking about bitch (I make hit records this is what I do) (I’m of the) hood (This the remix) And if you feel me put your hands up Hood (put em up, put em up, put em up) My hood niggas can you feel me (I gave you we taking over) I’m so hood And if you’re not from here you can walk it out and you not hood if you don't know what I'm talkin bout I‘m so Hood (hey young jeezy) (you got me we run this man we run this) [Verse 1 (Young Jeezy)] I’m so h to the double-o d Walk 'round this god damn money on me Pockets so fat it don’t make no sense Whips so clean don’t need no tints Watch so bright I don’t need no light And Know every word don’t need no mic Niggas like young what you get for show?

Tell em same thang I used to get for the blow Send on em on the road nigga what I got to lose Put em in the vans I ain't talkin' about the shoes Do the speed limit nigga watch out for the lights Pussy ass niggas gotta watch out for the dikes Seventeen five yeah nigga I said it Seventeen five yeah nigga I meant it And when we do it bad and when we do it good I’m so I’m so I'm so mother fuc*** hood [Verse 2: Ludacris] Everybody come equipped with bangas Throwing up our middle fangas And you know I don’t slip so I gotta keep 10 in the clip and 1 the chambers Better be walking with angels And never take candy from strangers Luda's dressed in stripes had to earn my stripes like I played with the Bengals I’m in the zone homes going for the two point conversion I’m so hood that Ludacris should have been on the original version But this is the remix With the cheap tricks Hitting sweet licks And I cut the braids off but the waves and the fade will make you sea sick See this is the way that we ball And this is the way we brawl So put a fist in the air if you care Then united we stand and divided we fall When the south's in the house better watch your mouth Cause we on that hood shit I’m hood rich Coming around your hood bitch I swear I'm so..

[Chorus: T-Pain, Busta Rhymes] I’m so hood (remix) And if you feel me put your hands up Hood My hood niggas can you stand up (I’m so hood) And if you ain’t from here you can walk it out (Khaled they act like we aint the king of the streets and the gods of the hood) You ain’t hood if you don’t know what I’m talking about (Busta bust bitches) I’m so hood [Verse 3: Busta Rhymes] See all I know is that I got to get my money Again and again top down Let the money blow in the wind with bad bitch sitting in the passenger seat With the doo be wrapped head full of bobby pins You know I keep the thing when I walk see the dialect Different from the slang of my talk Baby still living got a crack in front of another bad bitch that will Boost for the spot I’m used to leaving the strip last Hustling until the sun comes up getting cash So much bread in all of my coat pockets It looks like a nigga got hips with an ass And from the DNA in my blood Niggas idolize me and Try to do what I does And if the other nigga ain’t really from the hood You can easily die tell who that fake nigga was (Hood) And even though I split a little rap Got Niggas in the hood trying to sell the most crack Violator, might send a nigga to do it just to make you spend a lot of money just to get your shit back Yall niggas know where I’m from And I rep it to the fullest until the day that I’m done So hood where we live where my niggas sold drugs and they rich mommas still proud of her son [Verse 4: Big Boi] Daddy Fat Sacks So hood like the Cadillac On the mint full of my babalance Call an ambulance To come and pick his ass up because a nigga never had a chance They try to dance with a devil in the pale moonlight Advance on the level that they can’t do right Lay hands on a fellow like the man in blue lights Woop, woop Do it twice Yo boy the B – I – G I’m nicer than mc in your top three You cocky?

I cock, Squeeze Bust them things now you sloppy Speed it up,slow it down,then screw it Don’t bite the flow because I got that blew it Run through the crew or some whole other new shit Newness bitch we do this [Chorus: T-Pain, Lil Wayne] I’m so hood (remix) And if you feel me put your hands up Hood My hood niggas can you feel me I’m so hood And if you ain’t from here you can walk it out (up out) You ain’t hood if you don’t know what I’m talking about (Weezy) I’m so hood [Verse 5: Lil Wayne] I’m so Hollygrove, New Orleans Lilweezyana home sweet home depot you will need a hammer it go down like fraiser I ain’t talking Kelsey grammer I be shitting on your boys I need an alka-seltzer sandwich Since I heard Plies I done brought the phantom back Went and got me a 52 inch Maybach I'm eating like a big dog I’m so full, I’m so good I’m so straight, you so fake I’m so real, I'm so hood [Verse 6: Fat Joe] Yeah nigga Welcome to the crack house I should own the McDonalds The way I bring the mac's out I’m from the hood where every nigga lies Flip a couple grams they tell you the baking pies shit Still got my name carved in that central booklet Gave that pussy a scar and told her good lookin' You's a crack baby that means your momma paid me You can’t even blame me that’s what the hood made me [Verse 7: Baby] Martin Luther King (MLK) Calliope, Magnolia, Melphimine Gettin that Money with a triple beam See rattle cry your Josephine Saints is my team that’s what we breathe nigga that’s how we eat get this money on the streets nigga V L my street blood 5 star G blood Fly as a bird Got these eagles on my seat blood Then head back where I stay Third war we get that cake Thirteen is where I lay shouts out to MIA [Verse 8: Rick Ross] More money more problems Don’t call me conceited Just call me the boss Always got watch you needed MIA you’re so hot But my neck got the fever If you sneeze you get shot Gun play make him believe us I just bought me a ranch Watch the hundred stacks No those ain’t Rolex diamonds What you done to that?

You fools for gazing My fools from Haiti I move some daily It’s a movie baby Hood

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